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In early 2006 two or three neighbours were chatting and talking about the village, and its stories, people and houses. They expressed regret that many of the older people who "knew everybody" (and could go back 85+ years) had now died and many of their stories with them. This led to a consideration as to whether there would be enough interest in the village to set up a local history group with the aim of recording stories and information before any more would be lost.


An article was placed in the January issue of the quarterly Tilney and Terrington St. John Village News and, following a wonderful response, the Tilney All Saints Local History Group was born!

The first meeting was held in April 2006 and since then the Group has met regularly.



The aim of the Group is to research and record the history of Tilney All Saints and to make it readily available for future generations to reflect upon and enjoy. The initial plan is to build up a picture of the village as it was in the fifties (as we still have folk around who can give their own memories of that time) and compare it with the present (which is also history in the making). We have also started the collecting and researching of the very early history before it is lost.


The diverse group is made up of people who live in Tilney All Saints and who love it. They are people who have found some of the threads of its rich history and want to trace more and make permanent records for future generations. All are committed to participate in some way in the varied tasks involved in research and recording local history e.g. sharing their own stories, searching for photos and information, interviewing, typing, visiting archives, web design, writing, administration etc.

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If you are a former or current resident of the village, or if you have an interest of any kind in our village, please feel free to contact us, or post your views and comments below.




0 # janice graham 2014-06-26 10:12
Hello my name is Janice Graham, and l used to live in Norwich but have now moved to Surrey. l was very interested in the Tilney Sroll as l am checking up on my own family history and one of the names that l came across was Tilney. l read of your wonderful find of the Tilney Scroll and would love to come and look at this remarkable discovery. l have heard that it is on display in Norwich which is a shame because it belongs to your village. l shall be visting Norwich later in the year for the sole purpose of looking at your wonderful scroll.
Best Wishes to you all.
Janice Graham
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0 # June Mitchell 2014-06-26 15:43
Hello Janice,
We're pleased to hear from you. I'm secretary for the History Group. The original Tilney Pedigree scroll at the NRO is accessible in the research room or the Archive Centre. But we were able to get a copy of the 9' scroll and it hangs in the Tilney All Saints Parish Church. So when you arrange your visit to Norfolk, you may want to come and see it here. We have other resources about the Tilney family which may be of interest to you.Best wishes with your FH searches.
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