Apprentices’ Indentures

The History Group would like to say a big thank you to those who have donated to the cost of publishing the Indentures book.  THE COST IS NOW COVERED!

A small team has been working on transcribing17th & 18th centuries Apprentices’ Indentures in Tilney All Saints, and looking into how we eventually present these.  Initially the idea was to transcribe from photographs of the originals and present the 51 typed transcriptions in a folder and CD for Wisbech & Fenland Museum, where the originals are archived.  But we are realising that it would be good if the transcriptions were also made more widely available for the use of:
  • Tilney All Saints History Group members & friends
  • Residents of the village
  • Family History research
  • Local History research
  • Social History students
  • Local schools

The result is we are looking at digitising the documents with the transcriptions for access on a website, and publishing a small number of books.

The self-publishing is almost complete so the book should be out by the end of July. Contact us if interested. There won't be too many available for sale, and we haven't decided yet how much.

If you have any views or comments that you would like to share with us, please complete the attached form.


0 # Ellie 2016-05-23 10:11
Hello. I have a Richard Southwell c1838 Upwell Isle ,miller at Tilney St.Lawrence.He was married to Eliza Seaman 1839 Tilney St.Lawrence .Her Father was Richard Seaman c1811 Walpole St.Peter .He died at Tilney St.Lawrence 16 JUN 1871buried in Tilney St. Lawrence.He was a Butcher.
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0 # Robert Sloan 2016-05-26 11:04
Thank you for your interest and information (presumably about an apprentice) but our work is specifically on the Tilney All Saints apprentices.
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