Domesday Book 2020

With your interest in the history of Tilney All Saints you will no doubt be aware that Tilney is not mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086.

It means that in our research of ancient history of the village, we do not have a survey of that time. Where villages have this profile they can compare today with 930 years ago.

When we started the History Group in 2006, someone pointed out that TODAY IS TOMORROW’S HISTORY, and this is why we would like to present the idea of completing a survey by the year 2020. This would give us three years to collect the data and publish the final book. BUT for this project we need to know:

1. Whether enough current residents would be willing to participate in the survey.

2. Whether there are people with the skills and readiness to help us form a TAS Domesday Book Working Party.

Our History Group membership at present is quite small, and with two special interest groups already formed and busy, we do need to expand to achieve this further goal.

We think the TAS Domesday Book 2020 a very worthwhile project for several reasons.

1. To interest and involve more residents in researching TAS history.  It is an opportunity for every household to take part. No one in any part of TAS needs to be left out.

2. To fill in gaps in our knowledge of properties, farms & fields in our ancient parish.

3. To attract younger people.

4. To involve the school.

5. To link up new knowledge with the ten years of research the History Group has recorded, for instance:

a. stories from the past.

b. studies of several properties.

c. family histories where members have helped those researching.

d. archaeology results (Archaeology Interest Group or DIGS)

e. transcriptions (Transcribers’ Interest Group or TIGS)

6. To preserve a record of Tilney All Saints at a point in time for the future.

7. To discover more old photos of TAS – both places and residents.

We placed an article in the local paper to encourage interest (see attached) and would very much like to hear from as many TAS households as possible.  You can email your interest (or lack of) by completing and sending the form to our contact address or email your interest.  We would especially like to hear from anyone who would be interested to be a part of the Working Party.  As yet nothing is decided at all.

It is rarely possible to obtain 100% participation in such projects, and at the outset, we would like to make it clear that the History Group would fully respect those who choose not to take part and inform us of this choice.

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