World War I

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Thank you for sending the book here. It’s on its way to Nigel [in Canada].

It’s amazing what you have achieved. Many congratulations to you and the rest of the group…

Annette (former head teacher at TAS school).


To June and the TAS History Group


A brief note to say well done on the WW1 exhibition! I appreciate the research that you undertook on the fallen soldiers. It’s also been the impetus to pull together my notes on Vic’s life story so thank you for that..

Jo Craven (Vic’s grand-daughter)

Email from Irene in Scotland

Your latest book arrived yesterday and I have started to read it.  It is very good.  I studied some of WW1 at uni but the subject was delivered in a very detached manner.  It was easy to take a step back and be very distanced emotionally from what I was learning.  It was just facts.  This book makes part of it real.  I love how you incorporate the lives of the soldier's families with their military life.  The ages at which  many of these young men lost their lives is heart breaking.  The devastation to their families.  And what a great idea to include the school - keep the memory of the war alive but more personal and meaningful.  I hope you are very proud, June, as you have provided a real and relevant  memorial for these men, their families and communities.  I know I don't come from Tilney but from visiting there and reading your other books, I feel a little part of it. 

From Deb on Facebook 24 March 2018

Been to have a look today and loved your displays! Well done for everyone’s hard work, it was a pleasure to look round!



Number reached on Facebook with our WW1 photos and descriptions  – 288.

Number of books sold / circulated – 69 (as @ 20th April 2018)