Tilney All Saints People in 2018


Name of project: Tilney All Saints People in 2018

Aim: to interview, record & share memories of individuals (any age) living in TAS at the present time.

Target: 30% of households taking part.


  1. To provide a Living History of the village – ‘Today is tomorrow’s history’.
  2. To lessen isolation.
  3. To provide opportunities for older people to contribute.
  4. To foster a sense of belonging in this scattered village.
  5. To encourage contributions by people of all ages to the heritage of the village.

Method – getting started

  1. Identify HG members willing to conduct the interviews & arrange training sessions when necessary.
  2. HG members to be encouraged to participate as interviewees or write their own memories.
  3. Approach residents who may have already shown interest.
  4. Inform residents in the Village News and Church monthly newsletter.

Method – recording

  1. Use of recording device – Marantz digital recorder, tape recorder, mini recorder.
  2. Taking notes of the interviews
  3. Transscribing

Method – sharing

  1. Obtain permission from interviewee.
  2. Produce small booklets in a series to be available at the Church.
  3. Web – a short summary of the project, then summary of each interview with current photo and info that the booklets with more details available at the Church.
  4. For the Marantz digital recordings, some may be suitable for producing on a CD.


Printing and publishing the booklets –  cost of self-publishing.

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