Vivien Boughton recalls some of her memories of Tilney prior to 1967, after a chance encounter with the History Group's Secretary / Administrator in the All Saints' churchyard.
Dear Ms Mitchell,
Thank you very much for the copy of "Tilney All Saints In Living Memory" which I have just received.  I am looking forward to reading it.  I have already flicked through and seen so many names from my childhood.  It is going to be a real pleasure to read more. 
I told my sisters about our meeting in Tilney churchyard last Friday afternoon.  We discussed how our memories of Tilney stop in about 1967 and as a result the village is rather "preserved in aspic" at a certain period for us.
Ours was an interesting time to grow up in a small East Anglian village.  When we were children everyone who lived there worked locally on the land or on the railways but by the time we left as teenagers they didn't!  Mass car ownership had arrived, farms did not need so many hands and the railways had been cut by Dr Beeching.
Our little window of time to own Tilney was full of such enormous change.  Of course, it didn't feel like that at the time.  In fact, it felt quite the opposite.  Like all teenagers, we were always complaining that nothing ever happened in our locality and we were off to the bright lights!!!

It could be argued that World War 1 and 2 prompted some of the changes to life in Tilney in the mid 20th century but there were other factors too.  Tilney All Saints must be a marvellous place for your History Society to study this time.  Lots of living testimony still around (including me!)

I looked around the village last Friday and was delighted to note its latest re-incarnation.  In 2017 it seems to be a pretty commuter village and that retired people have chosen to live there.  Now my father, Ben Easter would have been surprised by that!.
The world moves on; re-invents itself!  I am so glad to hear of your History Group's existence and I will be nagging my sisters to help, if we can, to make a contribution to your project about soldiers of World War 1. 
Best wishes 
Vivien Boughton

Tilney All Saints project to honour war dead a century on



Tilney All Saints History Group open day

Published:     Lynn News    Thursday 12 October 2017

Village historians and local school children have joined forces for a new project to commemorate the men of their community who fell in the First World War.

The project between the Tilney All Saints History Group and the village’s primary school will culminate with an exhibition and memorial service next spring.

And organisers have appealed for anyone who can help with the work to get in touch.

History group secretary June Mitchell said: “We would welcome any stories, memorabilia or photos about the First World War and Tilney All Saints, so that they may be recorded and remembered for the future.”

The project, which was launched at the history group’s autumn event at the village hall on Saturday, aims to tell the stories of the 13 men from the village who were killed in the conflict, as well as what life was like for those left behind at home.


Pupils from the school, which had a separate launch event last Friday, displayed their initial work at the event, with three youngsters also addressing visitors on what they had found out so far and what they hope to achieve during the rest of the project.

A two-day exhibition of the research findings is scheduled to take place in the parish church in late March, with a memorial service taking place there on April 19.

Meanwhile, the History Group is also seeking expressions of interest in a project that could see a village version of the medieval Domesday Book produced in 2020.

Visitors were invited to mark their homes on maps of roads in the village to indicate if they are interested in taking part in the initiative, which is being led by the group’s chairman, Tricia McCarron.

Anyone who can help with the First World War project can contact the school by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phoning 01553 828209.

Alternatively, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 01553 827216.

Project to put Tilney All Saints village in the history books

Tilney All Saints History Group and village school children launch a joint project to remember local people.

Published:     Your Local Paper    Friday 13 October 2017      Picture: Kevin Elfleet.


Two new projects launched in TiIney All Saints hope to tell stories of the village from bygone years. 


Tilney All Saints History Group and children from the village primary school have joined forces to ensure sacrifices made by local people during the First World War will not be forgotten. 


At a special event last Saturday, children gave readings about local serviceman who had died in the conflict and there were war-themed school displays. 


Over the next six months, the children hope to research 13 men from the village who were killed in action. 


They will also take a look at what life was like for those left at home and how servicemen and families are being supported today. 


Their study will culminate in a two-day exhibition next March 23 and 24 and a memorial service led by the children on April 19.


These events will be at Tilney All Saints Church.  History group members and the school would like to hear from residents with stories to tell, also memorabilia or photographs about the village during wartimes. 

Meanwhile, the group hopes to create a modern take on the Domesday Book as there was no mention of the village in the original documentation.


Anyone who can help with the First World War project can contact the school by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phoning 01553 828209.


Alternatively, email the history group at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01553827216.