Bill Rose

Bill Rose is listed[1] as blacksmith in 1937.  It seems he also was an agreeable tradesman who is remembered by one or two of the ‘boys’ who told us they used to enjoy spending time watching him at work.

Ray Russell remembered him well and wrote the following:

Bill Rose was an extremely well-known and popular personality whose fame extended miles beyond Tilney. He had two sisters and a brother. One sister, Irene Emmerson, lived opposite the cobbler’s shop, and was married to Bill Emmerson and had a son, Eric. When Bill Rose married Florence Fayers, they lived for a time at the New Inn, Florence keeping house and helping her widowed father who was the landlord. Subsequent to Mr Fayer’s death, Bill and Florence Rose were given the tenancy of 3 Lynn Road where they remained for the rest of their lives. Bill and Florence Whitear lived next door ... Bill Rose was a hard-working blacksmith who did work for farmers from miles around. He was also a very keen bell-ringer being Tower Captain for many years at Tilney, but also visiting other towers around the country in the course of ringing tours. He was also adept at ringing ‘peals’ and was in demand to form different teams of skilled ringers whenever peals were being attempted. Likewise he was a churchwarden at All Saints for many years. There were no children but during the War an evacuee named Joan Snook was re-housed with Bill and Florence Rose. She was a very charming young lady who could not have been better looked after. [2]


We also understand that the blacksmith was very strong and rang the heaviest of the church bells with no problem. Ray also wrote of a special memorial to Bill:

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I would also like to make reference to the restoration of the screen panels behind the high altar [in All Saints Tilney] .. organised and supervised by the Rev. Kenneth Forrester. We had the Lord’s Prayer and Ten Commandments picked out in gold leaf on a rich red background. This was to replace similar work of centuries gone by which had become dirty and faded and been covered over by fitted panels over which a blue patterned material was stretched. Kenneth Forrester had very good taste and we decided that the restoration work which was very costly would provide a fitting memorial to Bill Rose. As Tower Captain and churchwarden for many years, Bill was popular and well known over a wide area and once the news of the proposed memorial became known, the money flowed in from all directions, a great deal from outside the parish.

[1]Kelly’s Directory.

[2]We were pleased to receive this and other accounts following the publication of our first edition of ‘Tilney All Saints in Living Memory’.

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