• Tilney All Saints Church

    Aerial view of Tilney All Saints Church © Steve Lyden 2012

  • Church Road

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  • Eagles Golf Club

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  • Eagles Golf Course

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  • The Old Hall

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  • Bury Manor ruins

    Aerial view of Bury Manor ruins, Tilney All Saints © Steve Lyden 2012

  • Shepherdsgate Road

    Aerial view of Shepherdsgate Road, Tilney All Saints © Steve Lyden 2012

Tilney All Saints Remembers WWI EXHIBITION

Hello to all - our History Group members and friends, interested organisations and agencies.
The events for our WW1 project are drawing near, and we'd really appreciate your help in spreading the word about the dates and times?
Many of you know that Tilney All Saints School and the History Group have been working on a research project since October 2017 to find the stories of the men and women of WW1, including those who gave their lives, and those who returned, and what the village was like in those war years.
In this hundredth anniversary of the end of WW1, we also hope to raise awareness of today’s servicemen and their support needs on returning home.

On Friday 23 March and Saturday 24 March we are holding a Tilney All Saints Remembers EXHIBITION, where visitors will be able to view the months of research, collecting data and artefacts, interviewing and writing up the results.  The venue is the Parish Church, Church Road, PE34 4SJ, and will be open from 10am - 4pm both days.
Entry is FREE, and refreshments will be available at 11am – 12 noon, and 2 – 3pm.
Groups of children from the school will visit on Friday morning and afternoon, but the Exhibition is open to all on both days. Interested friends in nearby villages have also offered to join us and display their own WW1 memorabilia, and we welcome their participation.
Our new book entitled ‘Tilney All Saints REMEMBERS’ will be launched at the Exhibition. It tells the stories of the men on the War Memorial, and those who returned.

On Thursday 19 April we are holding a Memorial Service in the Church at 10 am. 

The children will be leading​ the service ​​with their choir, readings and their own accounts. Everyone is welcome.


For more information please contact the History Group 

Or the WhereCanWeGo website