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  • Tilney All Saints Church

    Aerial view of Tilney All Saints Church © Steve Lyden 2012

  • Church Road

    Aerial view of Church Road, Tilney All Saints © Steve Lyden 2012

  • Eagles Golf Club

    Aerial view of Eagles Golf Club, School Road, Tilney All Saints © Steve Lyden 2012

  • Eagles Golf Course

    Aerial view of Eagles Golf Course, Tilney All Saints © Steve Lyden 2012

  • The Old Hall

    Aerial view of The Old Hall, off Station Road, Tilney All Saints © Steve Lyden 2012

  • Bury Manor ruins

    Aerial view of Bury Manor ruins, Tilney All Saints © Steve Lyden 2012

  • Shepherdsgate Road

    Aerial view of Shepherdsgate Road, Tilney All Saints © Steve Lyden 2012

Where to find us

Brian Woods’ Tilney Tour

Brian Woods’ planned a visit to Tilney All Saints with his friend Margaret to see the village where the Collison’s came from as Margaret's daughter, Helen, was a bridesmaid at Margaret Collison's wedding.

They continued the 'Tilney Tour' after having lunch at The Woolpack in Terrington St John by going to Tilney Fen End and then Marshland St James. There he was amazed to be recognised by Maurice Rose, who remembered his Dad and the Cave farms. He thought Maurice had a fleet of lorries and did farm transport, but he said he could be wrong, there was a lot of folks and a lot of cross conversations!

Below is a collection of photos recalling Brian’s memories.


Farmworkers at Edward Cave’s farm, circa 1950



Maurice High’s wedding reception at Tilney St Lawrence village hall

Brian is the young boy sitting with his Mother and Father with Lionel Allen in the foreground and his wife who came from Hickman's Cottages on the Pullover Road. Her family name was Woods but they were not related to Brian’s family. 

 Tilney All Saints Primary School 1950

Mrs Twite's class of 1950

Brian is at the right hand rear sitting next to Mrs Allen's younger sister Betty while in Mrs Twite's class at Tilney All Saints School. Mrs Twite smacked him around the ear one day when he was holding Betty's hand at their 'double desk!!" He thinks Melvin Wiles is at the front of the same row. Margaret Collison is in the next row two desks from the rear.

 Tilney Chapel outing Hunstanton 1947

Chapel Outing to Hunstanton, circa 1947

People from left to right:

Denis Clements (killed on the A47 at Tilney in 1951) - me (Brian Woods) - Mavis Clements - Brian Clements - Agnes Hornegold (my grandmother, from Terrington St Clement) - Winifred Woods (my mother) - Mrs Clements

The Clements family lived at Duncans Farm, where there were two dwellings.  We (the Woods family) lived in the front part.  Later the Clements family moved to the Shepherds Gate Road to what I believe is called Barretts Farm (on the opposite side of the road from the Ship Inn).

Duncan's Farm 1950

Duncans Farm 1950 from the old A47.

Stanley Woods with one of Mrs Cave's Maids, 1950

Stanley Woods with one of Mrs Cave's Maids, 1950

This photo of Brian’s father, Stanley Woods, was taken at the pea viner, which at this time was at Ivy Farm, opposite where Peter Hansed's father had a smallholding.  The lady is one of Mrs Cave's maids.

Pea Cutter Tilney

Pea Cutter, Tilney, c.1950

This shows Mr Edward Cave (with the stick) watching 'Horry' Wicks driving a Leverton pea cutter.  Horry lived down Green's Lane, which is to the right of Shepherd's Gate going towards Terrington St Clement, just past what was Reeves Nursery. His was the first house on the right hand side on the first left hand bend in the road.  

Pea Viner Ivy Farm

Pea Viner, Ivy Farm, 1950

People from left to right: Cecil Hayes - ? - ? - Len Cousins (?)

The cart is filling with pea haulm from the elevator following the threshing process.  The pea haulm could go for silage.  The peas all went to the Lin Can factory at West Lynn.  The Lin Can factory headquarters was, believed to be in Boston, Lincolnshire.

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