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Seven Marshland TownshipsBLMapI


The photograph on the right is that of the display of the Seven Marshland Townships near King's Lynn, dated c. 1582.  The original is in the British Library shelf reference Add. 71126.  A reproduction can be found in All Saints Church, Tilney All Saints along with an explanation to the right of the large map.

Old maps were shown in a west/east direction, so the 1582 map shows the River Ouse along the top and flowing from St. Germans in the west (left of map) towards King's Lynn in the east (far right of map).  Tilney All Saints is situated below the huge bend of the river.


Map Explanations:





Faden's map of 1797 is in a south/north direction, but also shows Marshland before the diversion of the River Ouse.  The proposed cut (Eau Brink) is shown (highlighted in red).  Tilney All Saints is highlighted in yellow.









The map on the right is a section from Sir William Dugdale's "The map of Marshland in Norfolk which containeth onl these seaven townes; vs Emneth, Walsoken...."  This map also is used with the permission of the British Library and taken from Dugdale's book "The History of Imbanking and Drayning of divers Fenns ..." 1662.  B.L. reference G. 11959.  The orientation is west to east with King's Lynn on the far right, so to compare with the 1582 map it needs to be viewed upside down!






1826 Map of Tilney All Saints 

 1826 map of Tilney All Saints




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