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  • Tilney All Saints Church

    Aerial view of Tilney All Saints Church © Steve Lyden 2012

  • Church Road

    Aerial view of Church Road, Tilney All Saints © Steve Lyden 2012

  • Eagles Golf Club

    Aerial view of Eagles Golf Club, School Road, Tilney All Saints © Steve Lyden 2012

  • Eagles Golf Course

    Aerial view of Eagles Golf Course, Tilney All Saints © Steve Lyden 2012

  • The Old Hall

    Aerial view of The Old Hall, off Station Road, Tilney All Saints © Steve Lyden 2012

  • Bury Manor ruins

    Aerial view of Bury Manor ruins, Tilney All Saints © Steve Lyden 2012

  • Shepherdsgate Road

    Aerial view of Shepherdsgate Road, Tilney All Saints © Steve Lyden 2012

All Saints Church

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Almost all the ancient glass has been lost (it is described in Blomefield's History of Norfolk).  The east window contained the arms of the Earl of Pembroke - a connection which still exists,as Pembroke College, Cambridge is the church's patron and Lay Rector.  In the south aisle is found a window in memory of Gerald Watson Failes, Captain in the Norfolk Regiment, who was killed in 1918 aged 24.  An angel is flanked on the left by St George, patron Saint of England, and on the right by St Martin, Patron of English armourists. Two windows over the north door depict, on the left, Our Lord as the Good Shepherd, and on the right, our Lord telling St Peter, 'Feed my sheep'.


All Saints has a very fine set of six bells, which are now in use following recent restoration work on the bellframe.  Treble, Two and Four were cast by Thomas Gardiner who had a foundry at Sudbury in Suffolk from 1709 -45 and at Becondale, Norwich from 1745 -53.  Three was cast by Thomas Newman in 1820, and Five was cast by another Thomas Newman (an itinerant founder who worked from Norwich and Haddenham, Cambridgeshire) in 1731.  The tenor bears the inscription, 'Thomas Norris made mee 1661'.  The Tenor and Five were recast by Mears and Stainbank, Whitechapel, in 1950.


The clock, which has chimes, was erected in 1891 as a memorial to Samuel James Phillips,vicar 1877-91.  The face has recently been restored and regilded.


The churchyard contains a number of fine 17th and 18th century headstones, and the remains of an ancient preaching cross.  It is also said to contain the remains of HICKATHRIFT - a local 'giant' around whom many stories have grown.  The memorial for John Eaton (1718) in the churchyard reads:

The worlds a city, full of crooked streets:
Death is the Market Place, where all men meet.
If Life were merchandise, that men could buy,
Rich men would always live and poor men die.

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