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  • Tilney All Saints Church

    Aerial view of Tilney All Saints Church © Steve Lyden 2012

  • Church Road

    Aerial view of Church Road, Tilney All Saints © Steve Lyden 2012

  • Eagles Golf Club

    Aerial view of Eagles Golf Club, School Road, Tilney All Saints © Steve Lyden 2012

  • Eagles Golf Course

    Aerial view of Eagles Golf Course, Tilney All Saints © Steve Lyden 2012

  • The Old Hall

    Aerial view of The Old Hall, off Station Road, Tilney All Saints © Steve Lyden 2012

  • Bury Manor ruins

    Aerial view of Bury Manor ruins, Tilney All Saints © Steve Lyden 2012

  • Shepherdsgate Road

    Aerial view of Shepherdsgate Road, Tilney All Saints © Steve Lyden 2012

Village School



The village school, built in 1845, is one of 4,470 Church of England schools – 25.3% of all primary schools in England.  It was purpose built at a cost of £500 on the site of a tithe barn and paddock which was owned by Pembroke College, Cambridge.  Known as a ‘National’ School it was set up by The National Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church.  These ‘National’ schools around the country aimed to provide basic literacy, numeracy and religious education at a time when there was no government provision for education.  It was not until 1862 that grants became available for primary schools and for children up to 12 years, and it was 1870 before Forster’s Act established school boards to ensure the education of all children.  The Education Act of 1902 saw the responsibilities taken on by the county and borough councils but it was 1944 before secondary education for all was introduced.  The school has thus seen many changes in the education system.

Further information on the school along with photos and stories can be found in a book entitled Tilney All Saints - In Living Memory, which is dedicated to the memory of Alan Pepper and Victoria Eugenia (Jean) Kalen, and available for purchase by contacting the History Group.

If you have any views, photos or comments that you would like to share with us, it would be much appreciated.

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# June Mitchell 2017-03-07 12:29
Ian (chair of History Group) and I visited TAS school this morning to contribute to year 5/6 and their Tom Hickathrift project. The class took the Assembly with the giant theme - songs, drama and dance to tell the stories. They were BRILLIANT! We could not take photos, but some will be on the school website. As they were familiar with the stories we talked in the classroom about the research & possible origins of the legend, and the questions were excellent.
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