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The History Group has been very busy and produced a number of publications since its formation in 2006.

These publications can be split into four catagories:

  • those currently in print which are available for purchase by contacting us.
  • those that are available on a 'Print on Demand' basis, again by contacting us.
  • those that are available for Research & Reference only, access by contacting us.
  • and, those that are currently out of print or have been replaced by revised editions.

The History Group has also collected over 110 publications and maps which it has now made available for reference purposes only in the Book Exchange of All Saints Church, Church Road, Tilney All Saints. 

A detailed list of what books and maps are available in each of the catagories is given below.



Publications currently in print






Booklets & Postcards

Tilney All Saints Parish Church

A New History, 2014 £ 2.50
WWI and A Boy from Tilney - Gerald Watson Failes £ 2.00
The Nave Roof by Michael Rimmer £ 2.00
Three Vicars of the 20th Century £ 1.00
Clergy 1272 – 2014 £ 0.50
The Legend of Hickathrift, 2011, 2017 £ 1.50
Postcards £ 0.50
A Welcome Guide to All Saints Church Free 



Tilney All Saints REMEMBERS  £  5.00
A Girl from Tilney by Cissie Gardiner £  5.00
The Norfolk Tilneys – Then and Now £  6.00

Poore Child’ Transcripts of Tilney All Saints Apprentice Indentures
1603-1825, July 2016

£  5.00



All prices exclude p&p.  To purchase contact book sales.




Publications available "On Demand"




Eric Emmerson and The Bells of All Saints, Tilney  Ray Russell £ 1.50
Recollections of Tilney All Saints  Ray Russell £ 5.00
My Memories  Diana Coe née Hansed £ 1.50
 'Village Voices' 1982  Wally Webb £ 1.30









House Histories

Chase Fruit Farm, Tilney All Saints June Mitchell  £ 1.50
Tilney Hall Farm, Tilney All Saints – A History  Geoffrey I Kelly £ 2.00
Myrtle Cottage, Tilney All Saints  June Mitchell £ 1.50
Primrose Farm, Tilney All Saints  Anne Savage £ 1.50








 All prices exclude p&p.  To purchase contact book sales.



Publications available for Research & Reference only




Transcriptions of Ancient Documents Tilney All Saints History Group
Freebridge Hundred Tilney transcription by Glenys Benson excerpt from Blomfield's History of Norfolk
Tilney and Islington Inclosure transcription by Glenys Benson
Record of Memorial Stones in Tilney All Saints Churchyard transcription by Val Grange from a CD by Martin Thompson, research by Gwen Gall & Dr Sandy Greer
Extracts from The Survey Book of all the lands in Tilney and Islington transcription by Glenys Benson
Feet of Fines research by Anne Savage




















Publications currently out of print










All Saints' Church in the Village of Tilney All Saints - A Short Account

replaced by 'Tilney All Saints Parish Church - A New History'

The Chancel Roof Angels of All Saints, Tilney, Norfolk

replaced by 'Tilney All Saints Parish Church - The Nave Roof'

 Ivy Farm, Tilney High End, Tilney St Lawrence – A History

study incomplete - coming soon

Ceremony, Music & Musicians














Tilney All Saints in Living Memory, 2008

Tilney All Saints in Living Memory – Revised Edition, 2011

Tilney All Saints Methodists 1830 - 1968, 2010

currently out of stock, but if enough demand would reprint

Tilney Families by Cyril Bristow, 1988








Publications and Maps available for Reference only in the Book Exchange at All Saints Church, Church Road, Tilney All Saints


The History Group has collected or produced over 110 reference publications (covering ancestry, family history, house histories, Tilney, Norfolk, social history through to yarns and tales) and maps since its formation in 2006.  These books are stored in the Book Exchange in our local church.  In order to be able to navigate around the 110+ publications and maps available, each book has been catalogued under a primary and secondary category corresponding to the following index.  

The catalogue has been then sorted under the following headings (please click to open the relevant index):

Digital Reproductions


DVD of the Tilney Genealogy Chart

 (currently hanging in Tilney's All Saints church)

                 Price: £10.00


All prices exclude p&p.  To purchase contact book sales. 

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