Tilney Pedigree Chart 1097-1740Tilney Pedigree Chart being unveiled

Tilney All Saints Local History Group have obtained a copy of an ancient pedigree roll which covers a Tilney genealogy from 1097 to 1740.

There was a special UNVEILING CEREMONY of the chart on Wednesday 26 September 2012 at Tilney All Saints Parish Church.  The Ceremony was performed by Mr Henry Cator, High Sherriff of Norfolk.

The stunning chart is over eight feet in length and beautifully hand drawn and illustrated in colour with Coats of Arms. The original is deposited in the Norfolk Record Office. The copy hung and unveiled in the medieval church of All Saints was only been possible with the full co-operation and advice from Dr Alban. The photographer was Gerry Yardy, and the printer Dr Andrew Macnair.

In the early part of the Middle Ages (11th-14th century) the Tilneys were one of the significantly important wealthy families, and 'held much land' around Tilney. The History Group is particularly interested to research this early period of the village history, and were especially delighted to find this treasure, and to present it for public viewing in the 12th century church of All Saints Tilney.


We are pleased to announce that we now have available:

A DVD of the Tilney Genealogy Chart.  Price: £10.00 + p&p.

The pedigree dates from 1065 to 1740 and is available, for research, with the permission of the photographer Gerry Yardy of Norwich. Gerry photographed the original pedigree in sections, and digitally stitched them to create the nine-foot long chart. The original is archived in the Norfolk Records Office, and a copy hangs in the Tilney All Saints Parish Church. The Tilney pedigree includes ‘Fredericus of Tilneia’ (about 1065), and Elizabeth Tilney (15th century), who married Thomas Howard. They were the grand-parents of Anne Boleyn, and thus the great grandparents of Queen Elizabeth I.

To purchase contact book sales.


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# Heather Holdgate 2015-01-04 23:58
Isn't this wonderful, to have (a copy) such an ancient scroll hanging in your local parish. I'm sure that the parishioners are extremely pleased by your efforts in having this photographed and printed. And to have the High Sherriff of Norfolk to do the unveiling is, in deed, very special.

You have a great website here ... keep up the great work as the people of Tilney All Saints are, and will be, grateful for gathering and keeping its history.
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# Jim dance 2017-05-31 06:05
my mothers maiden name is Tilney and I was wondering if it were possible to purchase a copy of the scroll?
Kind regards
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