The first meeting was held on 28 April 2006 at 23 School Road, Tilney All Saints.

Twelve residents attended: Ian & Phillida Perry, Gwen Gall, Julia Pike, Peter Hansed, Alan and Margaret Pepper, Audrey Wootton, Frank Hurst, Richard Hughes, Ian & June Mitchell, with apologies from: Paul Arnill, Joe Donovan, Barbara Pearman and Anne Savage.

Some questions were asked and answered sparking lively discussion.

Q:  What do we want from the Group?

A:  Julia: How the village used to be i.e. 50 years ago.

A:  Gwen: Pointed out that now is also important for archives.

A:  Peter: Agricultural archives. Families farming locally since 1940s.

A:  Ian P: Special interest in the oldest history of the village and foundation of the parish e.g. before the church and the 12th century.

A:  Margaret (who has lived in TAS all her life): An interest in the villagers, their lives and activities, how the barn was used etc.

A:  Frank: How the village was and how it has progressed, especially pre-war when family members lived in TAS.

A:  Richard, Audrey, Ian and Phillida P, Ian M: interest in all aspects of the village history.

Just some of the ideas and interests discussed. 


The Group agreed:

  • it would like to do the research and produce a booklet, and set up a website.
  • its name would be Tilney All Saints Local History Group
  • further meeting for the following month.

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