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Secretary's Report

We had our first meeting of the History Group on 28 April, 2006, so this is our ninth AGM.  I continue to enjoy the challenges and interests of our local history here in Tilney All Saints, although the many new avenues for research keep challenging me to keep up!

Fortunately the members are very tolerant, and together we manage to get through quite a lot in the course of a year.

I have been very grateful again for our Minutes secretary, Glenys.  This is a great help.  We had four members' meetings and four executive meetings and we are trying to do most of the boring stuff with the executive, so that the members' meetings give more time to discuss and talk about projects, ideas and the interests of individual members.

I'm always on the alert for possible new members.  There is NO fee, and no special skills required -just an interest in TAS local history or some aspect of it, and a willingness to get involved.  In our HG we are all learning as we go.  We have various ongoing projects, which Ian has mentioned, but we also have new possibilities if we had more manpower.  So please feel free to talk to me if interested.

This year I have attempted some transcription, and found I love doing this detailed work, but I have done a lot less on the digs!  Tempus fugit maybe but the interest remains, and some of the documentary research I'm doing is also needed to help tell the stories from the dig sites.

Since we started the HG, I have built up a collection of photos, and many of these are on PowerPoint presentations.  What we were like 9 years ago!!  Robert has some of these for you to view today on a digital frame.  There are other more recent pictures on the laptop/large screen -mostly from the old manor excavations.  We hope you will have the time to view some of these.

We also have on display samples of the booklets we have done, and draw your attention especially to the book of Memorial Inscriptions from Tilney churchyard.  This will be on display in the church to assist the people who come to find their ancestors.

We are very grateful to Linda for coming today.  This is her second visit to us, and the topic today is Researching your Family history.  If you are not aware of all the lovely activities at the Library, maybe this is your chance to find out.

After Linda's talk you are invited to stay for refreshments, chat, ask questions, and see resources from the Library, and our various displays and PowerPoint presentations.  We hope you enjoy your visit to us.