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Tilney All Saints History Group AGM 2015

Our History Group 2015 AGM was held on Saturday 9 May 2015 at 11 am and was a TILNEY REUNION.

The VENUE was the VILLAGE HALL, which was undergoing refurbishment.

The SPEAKER was Linda Tree, Community Librarian for King's Lynn and Downham Market, and her topic was on 'Researching your family history and how your local library can help'.

Chairman's Report

This is my second report as Chairman.

I would like to thank:

  • Our Treasurer, Robert Sloan, for his very capable handling of our accounts
  • Our Minutes Secretary, Glenys Benson, for her efficient and speedy distribution of minutes.
  • Our members who turn up for meetings and events, and always ready to help.
  • Our friends who keep in touch and let us know they remain interested in the history of TAS.
  • And lastly, my wife, our Secretary and organiser, who keeps the wheels turning!

Since our last AGM the History Group has remained active and regular meetings have been held for planning and discussion.

A second year of archaeology showed a continued interest in this area of research.  Although there is nothing hugely exciting to report about the summer test pits, a small keen team have continued with excavation work at the old manor for most of the year.  We take the opportunity to thank Ann Savage, Ann Wragg, Glyn Pike, lan & Phil Perry for the bulk of this work.  It entails lots of digging and ongoing hard work, but also provides endless theories on how old an original building may have been.  The interest and advice of community archaeologist, Claire Bradshaw, is much appreciated, and an interim report will be written up in due course.  A museum type display case is being produced by local craftsman, Jonathon English, to be placed in the church with samples of finds from the digs.

Transcription work has taken a move forward.  You may remember there are many ancient documents at Wisbech & Fenland Museum awaiting transcription.  Ann Savage is providing training and support for those willing to learn and use this skill.  Those involved currently are: Judith (in USA), lan Perry, Glenys Benson, Irene Auker, Suzanne Burke, Audrey Wootton and June Mitchell.  A helpful pack has also been put together and available for those involved. It is hoped to produce a CD of Apprentices' Indentures.  There are 54 of these, and they date from late 16th century to the 18th.  The CD will mean that the Indentures can be viewed digitally, both photos of the original, as well as the (readable) transcriptions, and this means the fragile original documents can be preserved.

Maps have always held great interest for us, and this has been an exceptional year for acquiring maps to help with our Tilney history. Firstly discovering there were copies of Utting's map of 1826 in the village.  Then to find a copy of Dugdale's map of 1662, AND a 1582 map of the Marshland Seven Towns at the British Library was treasure indeed.  We were so thankful to find we could order copies of Dugdale's and the Marshland map from the British Library, and especially grateful to Minuteman Press for the excellent job of printing and mounting the Marshland map, which now hangs permanently in the church.

Sharing with others

Website: People are finding us on the web and in our Tilney Geeks Facebook.  Robert gets some interesting enquiries which we deal with (or not!) as appropriate.

June and I presented an illustrated talk on World War I at TAS school.  We researched the story of the young Captain, Gerald Watson Failes, who was killed in action in April 1918, and is commemorated in the beautiful stained glass window in the church.  We enjoyed this time with the children, and following the talk, we published the short story, 'World War I and a boy from Tilney.

June also presented a talk on Tilney History Group to the Sunshine Club at Marshland St James, and both of us talked to the newly formed History Group at Wiggenhall St Germans.

Regular contributions are published in Village magazines, and local press.


  • Further test pits, starting this month.
  • Talk on the Marshland map by Bryan Howling at the church in June.
  • Test pits at TAS school and Walpole St Peter's.
  • A family of Tilney descendants from America to visit us in November.
  • Book of short stories from Tilney in 2016.
  • Recruit more transcribers and complete Indentures.

Treasurer's Report

  1. 2014 – 15 has been a relatively quiet year financially, with expenditure being 7 times that of income.
  2. Summarising the banking transactions for the period May 2014 to Apr 2015, i.e. since the last AGM,

Income:    £166.50, made up of

  • Book and booklet sales, as usual
  • Plus a couple of donations

Expenditure: £1,201.73, made up of

  • Printing of the Church booklet – as reported last year
  • Local History Long Distance training course
  • Postcard production (we now have two!!)
  • Acquiring and mounting a 1582 Marshland map in digital form from the British Library which is permanently on display in our church
  • Deposit for the building of an archaeological finds display cabinet

plus various secretarial expenses; membership to WNVCA; and internet costs. 

Current Bank Balance £948.91……..(2014 - £1,984.14)

I have a copy of the bank reconciliation, cashbooks and petty cash for the said period, if anybody is interested.

June has received further monies from book, booklet and postcard sales, donations, and the income from two Fayres held here in the Village Hall (£233.34) which she has used to top up petty cash to pay for various expenses (£224.91).

Currently petty cash stands at £14.89

The next major expense will be to pay the balance on the archaeological finds display cabinet, which will be kept in the village church.

Website update

As promised at the AGM last year the Group website is now up and running albeit development has been slower than I would have liked.  

A joint Tilney website (History Group, Village Hall and Parish Council) is being considered.

Secretary's Report

We had our first meeting of the History Group on 28 April, 2006, so this is our ninth AGM.  I continue to enjoy the challenges and interests of our local history here in Tilney All Saints, although the many new avenues for research keep challenging me to keep up!

Fortunately the members are very tolerant, and together we manage to get through quite a lot in the course of a year.

I have been very grateful again for our Minutes secretary, Glenys.  This is a great help.  We had four members' meetings and four executive meetings and we are trying to do most of the boring stuff with the executive, so that the members' meetings give more time to discuss and talk about projects, ideas and the interests of individual members.

I'm always on the alert for possible new members.  There is NO fee, and no special skills required -just an interest in TAS local history or some aspect of it, and a willingness to get involved.  In our HG we are all learning as we go.  We have various ongoing projects, which Ian has mentioned, but we also have new possibilities if we had more manpower.  So please feel free to talk to me if interested.

This year I have attempted some transcription, and found I love doing this detailed work, but I have done a lot less on the digs!  Tempus fugit maybe but the interest remains, and some of the documentary research I'm doing is also needed to help tell the stories from the dig sites.

Since we started the HG, I have built up a collection of photos, and many of these are on PowerPoint presentations.  What we were like 9 years ago!!  Robert has some of these for you to view today on a digital frame.  There are other more recent pictures on the laptop/large screen -mostly from the old manor excavations.  We hope you will have the time to view some of these.

We also have on display samples of the booklets we have done, and draw your attention especially to the book of Memorial Inscriptions from Tilney churchyard.  This will be on display in the church to assist the people who come to find their ancestors.

We are very grateful to Linda for coming today.  This is her second visit to us, and the topic today is Researching your Family history.  If you are not aware of all the lovely activities at the Library, maybe this is your chance to find out.

After Linda's talk you are invited to stay for refreshments, chat, ask questions, and see resources from the Library, and our various displays and PowerPoint presentations.  We hope you enjoy your visit to us.

AGM invitation

If you're thinking of a visit to Norfolk next year you may want to book in May!
Our History Group AGM is on Saturday 9 May 2015 and is to be a TILNEY REUNION at 11 am.

So if your name is Tilney or you have a Tilney Family History, or you live or have lived in Tilney, OR you just have an interest in Tilney and what we are doing YOU WILL BE MOST WELCOME.

The VENUE will be the VILLAGE HALL, where refurbishing has commenced, and should be completed by then.

The SPEAKER will be Linda Tree, Community Librarian for King's Lynn and Downham Market, and her topic will be on 'Researching your family history and how your local library can help'.

A local history group is an ongoing project, and, although we have a number of photographs, we would welcome more, so now would be a good time to:

  • go hunting in your albums, cupboards or attics.

  • talk to family members who may have photos of Tilney All Saints tucked away somewhere.

  • write whatever you remember about the photos on the back (with a SOFT pencil), such as names, places, dates.

  • get in touch with us.

If you bring them to the AGM we could scan them there and then, and obtain your descriptions.

If you know you could not make it to the AGM, but would like to help with our photo collection, we would be pleased to visit you or you could send to us. We would scan the photos and return originals to you.

If you have any views or comments that you would like to share with us, it would be much appreciated.

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