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Treasurer's Report

  1. 2014 – 15 has been a relatively quiet year financially, with expenditure being 7 times that of income.
  2. Summarising the banking transactions for the period May 2014 to Apr 2015, i.e. since the last AGM,

Income:    £166.50, made up of

  • Book and booklet sales, as usual
  • Plus a couple of donations

Expenditure: £1,201.73, made up of

  • Printing of the Church booklet – as reported last year
  • Local History Long Distance training course
  • Postcard production (we now have two!!)
  • Acquiring and mounting a 1582 Marshland map in digital form from the British Library which is permanently on display in our church
  • Deposit for the building of an archaeological finds display cabinet

plus various secretarial expenses; membership to WNVCA; and internet costs. 

Current Bank Balance £948.91……..(2014 - £1,984.14)

I have a copy of the bank reconciliation, cashbooks and petty cash for the said period, if anybody is interested.

June has received further monies from book, booklet and postcard sales, donations, and the income from two Fayres held here in the Village Hall (£233.34) which she has used to top up petty cash to pay for various expenses (£224.91).

Currently petty cash stands at £14.89

The next major expense will be to pay the balance on the archaeological finds display cabinet, which will be kept in the village church.

Website update

As promised at the AGM last year the Group website is now up and running albeit development has been slower than I would have liked.  

A joint Tilney website (History Group, Village Hall and Parish Council) is being considered.